MIS Wet Etch  
- Automatic chemical decapsulation equipment
- The functions of etching, heating, acetone cleaning, and   drying available
- Protecting workers from harmful chemicals
- Minimizing damage etching of copper in the case of copper   wired IC
- Minimizing the damage on the ball or the tape at the   bottom of a package
- Fast, safe, and efficient decapsulation
- Dual heating (MIS-specialized technology)
- More precise, faster, and safer decap possible.
- Repetitions made simple using recipe files
- Consumable gaskets are unnecessary and very small   amount of etching chemical is used.
- Expanded decap possibility for various sizes and patterns   of packages
- Minimal maintenance and repair costs, and long lifecycles
- LED Chip Package Decap available
Item Description
Dimension 740(W) x 600(D) x 1650(H) mm
Weight Approx. 180 kg
Procedure Etching, Heating, Cleaning
Handling IC Size 5x5 mm ~ 50x50 mm
Etchant Fuming Nitric Acid, Sulfuric Acid
Cleaning Solution Acetone
Heating Temperature 1. Beam Heater : (Room Temp.)~ 400 ”ĘC
2. Jig Heater : (Room Temp.)~ 250 ”ĘC
Free Control by Dual Heating System
Process Time Etching~Cleaning: 3~15 min. (Average Time)
Utility Rated Voltage : AC 220V/110V, 1 Phase
Rated Current : 15A
Rated Frequency : 50 ~ 60 Hz
Air Pressure : 6kg/§² (bar)
Fume Exhaust Line
De-Ionized Water Supply / Drain
Program Microprocessor Control Panel
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