MIS Auto Decaper is the worldĄŻs first automated robot system that safely and
effectively removes the surface molding (EMC: Epoxy Molding Compounds) of
packaged semiconductors and electronic parts. It is the only machine that can
substitute the existing decapsulation work that is mostly done by hands and
several machines.

In addition, MIS has released the worldĄŻs first etching machine, Deprocessor
(Auto Wet Station) that can decap micromini semiconductors and can do the
partial etching work for silicone chips and the delaminating work (which has
the precision of micro meter) that selectively and safely delaminates the layer
of the chip composed of several layers.

For this, in December 2005, MIS made a contract for joint technical execution
with Korea Institute of Science and Technology, and worked on the research
and development. The project was selected by Samsung Electronics as a str-
ategic task and in February 2007, MIS Auto-Deprocessor (Auto Wet Station)
was developed and supplied.
And then, it was acknowledged by the Korea Development Bank in terms of its
technology and business possibility so it successfully attracted some funds from
it and since then, MIS has been doing its best.

The semiconductor etching work needed several machines and dangerous manual works, but now it can be
done by 1 unit of MIS auto robot system. MIS has been putting its focus on the development of the equipment
making prompt and precise work performance.
As a result of the efforts, now MIS can guarantee safety in working for those who use equipment, and further,
it can bring the improvement in working efficiency and the remarkable reduction of production costs to customers.

MIS will keep working on research and development, and will exert itself to develop new and innovative products
with the best performance in the fields of nano processing systems and displays. MIS will do its best for customer

Thank you very much.
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