Those who lead MIS  
Since MIS was founded, the executives and staff of MIS have successfully overcome many difficulties.
We have had challenging and creative ideas and strong belief that we can do, so we could develop
the superior products. The continuous challenge for newness and the self-confidence of its result are
the root and the pride of MIS. Even at this moment, the executives and staff of MIS are striving to make
their dream come true as a worldwide semiconductor equipment company.
Personnel Policy  
MIS regards our staff as its most precious value and it exerts it self to train the competent human
resources of each field into the worldĄŻs best professionals.
MIS will become the satisfactory and fruitful company for people who donĄŻt fear challenge and have
creative ideas. MIS has fair personnel management criteria that evaluate its employees based on
their capabilities and sincerity.
Ideal Talent  
Education Policy  
The educational programs of MIS are composed of internal seminars/ educational programs, the pro-
grams given by governmental and private educational institutions, the joint education given by local
and foreign prestigious universities and research institutes, and the seminars and educational pro-
grams given by overseas professional institutions.
MIS encourages its executives and staff to participate in the programs for the purpose of training in-
ternationalized professionals.
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