MIS has the development capability for special mechanical systems and electronic instruments that can show
effective performances to unique applications. In case there is a customer¡¯s special request, MIS can develop
innovative products or technical solutions through commissioning or joint development

For the working process that should lower the error rate and should be improved safely and promptly, please
consult with MIS.

Through the thorough analysis of customers¡¯ environment and requests, the collection of ideas, and the application of innovative solutions, MIS designs and manufactures the systems that are new in terms of materials, shapes, and performances.

The product or the system that is requested to be developed is presented in the form of a visual model, mock-up, or a working prototype in the intermediary process, goes through customers¡¯ evaluation and correction, and then, is developed into a final product.

MIS has been making efforts for research and development, and maintaining the cooperative system with prestigious research institutes in Korea and the world. MIS will keep its position as a high-tech company equipped with leading technology and solutions.

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