MIS Wet Etch  
- Using End mill for the milling of EMC
- Fast, safe, and accurate milling work
- Prompt and accurate milling by robot motions (Average   milling time < 1 min.)
- Robot motion (X, Y, Z axis) having the precision of minimum   0.01mm (10㎛)
- Automatically recognizing the height of the sample surface   through a sensor and doing the milling work
- Providing various sizes of end mills (Φ1.0, Φ2.0, Φ3.0 mm)
- Very effective for the removal of metal surface
- Reducing the molding (EMC) thickness, which makes the   decapsulation work finished fast
- Providing the guide well for etching zones
- Backside milling which is effective for removing PCB and
Item Description
Dimension 430(W) x 575(D) x 620(H) mm
Weight Approx. 80 kg
Procedure Milling
Handling IC Size 2x2 mm ~ 80x80 mm (Minimum Milling Depth : Approx. 0.01 mm)
Cleaning System Vacuum Cleaner (Option)
Process Time 1~2 min.(Average Time)
Utility Rated Voltage : AC 220V/110V, 1 Phase
Rated Current : 15A
Rated Frequency : 50 ~ 60 Hz
Air Pressure : 6kg/㎠ (bar)
Program Microprocessor Control Panel
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