Slurry Reduction Nozzle
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  • Nozzle gadget for the slurry reduction 30% above.
  • Simple and compact design for mounting.
  • No need to remake the equipment for (H/W, S/W)
    (Only delivery arm needs to be remade.)
  CMP Equipment inside
Item Description
Rate About 30%
Device Oxide(FN16 HC 10.5, ILD2 TEOS)
Dimension 840(W) x 705(D) x 1500(H) mm
YIELD Same level as before
(Remove Rate)
Using Circle Nozzle(1/4 inch) : 200 ml flow → 2,100Å/min
Using Multi Nozzle : 140 ml flow → 2,100Å/min
Nozzle auto flush
  Before After Preventative of slurry solidified
  Problem : Phenomenon of Slurry solidified
After discharging the chemical, the slit gate will be too narrow to delivery PR or chemical out due. It occurs to
solidify the PR or Chemical liquid inside. Currently-using slit nozzle method for PR Coating it has a narrow
groove and it causes easily the slurry solidified when the slurry is congested by evaporating the solvent.
By reason, it often occurs to meet the coating defective. This invention is the gadget of preventing the slurry
of being solidified for PR or Chemical liquid for the time being long-term unused.
As shown as the drawing above, double-slit nozzle can help to do the cleaning in the manifold. Left side is
designed to flow solvent or Cleaner liquid and right side is to run PR or Chemical IN. In the case of this nozzle
doesn’t use for a long time or the level of contamination is serious, it can be widely-applicable to use this nozzle.
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